Welcome to Our mission is to make sending physical mail just as easy as sending email.

We are constantly working on improvements and new features. If you come across something you think could be improved, please let us know. All feedback is welcome.

This is how works in 4 steps

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Step 1 - Design

Our design specifications can be found here. If you work with a graphic designer, please have your designer read the specifications first. Our handy drag and drop editor also has guidelines to assist you with your designs.

Step 2 - Templates

In our drag-and-drop editor, you can create your design and test it right away. In your design, you can include variables, for example {{first_name}}. You can also use variable images, variable colors, and QR codes with variable URLs.

Step 3 - Testing

With the preview function in the editor, you can test the design. Does everything look good? Then send a proof card to yourself to assess the final result.

Step 4 - Integrate

Integrate your own software with to automate the entire process. You can first test the integration using the TEST API key. Does everything work well? Then send one or more cards using the LIVE API key. If everything meets your expectations, you can launch your campaign.

We do the rest

We'll take care of the rest for you: we ensure that your postcards are printed and then sent by mail.