AFAS birthday cards

    Do you want to send birthday cards (and other greeting cards) to your employees via AFAS?

    This is possible with the flow that Simplex has developed in collaboration with You can completely automate the sending of birthday cards. The cards can be made extra personal by, for example, incorporating the recipient's first name into the design. This can all be arranged automatically.

    It is also possible to send separate cards 'by hand', for example to congratulate someone or wish them strength.

    So, how does it work?

    You prepare your designs as 'templates' in the handy editor of You can create your own designs in your own house style. We also have a number of ready-made card designs available for you to use right away.

    The AFAS link is arranged by Simplex with a few settings.

    The moment a card needs to be sent, the link calls The right design is chosen and filled with the right data. The rest goes by itself.

    3 options

    Simplex offers 3 possible variants in the AFAS link:

    1. Automated personalized postcard in the mailbox on an employee's birthday.

    2. Two weeks before the birthday, an AFAS workflow starts in which the manager can choose a card and possibly type in an adapted text. The workflow automatically transfers the information to at the right time so that the employee receives a card on their birthday. So even if the manager has not posted any custom text.

    3. Via an Insite action you send a card to a relation (contact person). You determine the design and message in AFAS yourself. For example, you can choose a happy, a hurray, or a sad card. You set the designs yourself in

    What does Simplex need?

    Simplex directs the link into your existing AFAS environment. For this purpose, a simplex system user is created by you in the environment. Subsequently, Simplex - together with your application manager - will take care of the design. You will also receive a license and processing agreement from Simplex. Simplex applies a notice period of 1 calendar month. So you are not stuck with anything for long.

    Safety, top priority

    Simplex is aware of the fact that sensitive data is retrieved from AFAS and sent to It is therefore not for nothing that Simplex invests a lot in safety. Do you want to know more about how Simplex deals with safety? Check out their website:

    To work?

    Do you want to get started? Please contact Simplex Connect via Contact – Simplex Connect. Usually the link is realized within 2 weeks.

    For more information and rates, visit the Simplex website.