Spotler Activate (Squeezely)

    You can send real postcards from Spotler Activate (Squeezely) using's API. For this you need an account with and a template design for your card.

    By using webhooks you can send jobs to from Spotler Activate (Squeezely). Below you will find the settings with which you can use a webhook in Spotler Activate (Squeezely) to send orders to

    Spotler Activate (Squeezely) has a test function in the webhook window that allows you to test the settings for the API call. Use a test API key for this.

    Testing with a live API key is of course also possible, keep in mind that every API call leads to a printed and sent card that will be charged.

    The settings for the webhook are:







    leave blank

    Request headers

    x-api-key: <your-api-key>

    Use RAW JSON body


    To enter the variable values in Spotler Activate, you can start typing {{ double curly brackets, between the quotes.

    When you do that, Spotler will automatically display a screen with all the values ​​that you can fill in:

    You can then click on the desired field. Spotler Activate will automatically fill in the rest.

    You can combine fields in a line, such as first name and last name. You can also combine street and house number.

    Example JSON payload for Spotler Activate
    2 "sender": {
    3 "name": "Company & Co",
    4 "address": "Street 123",
    5 "postalCode": "1234 AB",
    6 "city": "Amsterdam",
    7 "country": "Netherlands"
    8 },
    9 "recipient": {
    10 "name": "{{First name}} {{Last name}}",
    11 "address": "{{custom_street}}",
    12 "postalCode": "{{Zipcode}}",
    13 "city": "{{City}}",
    14 "country": "Nederland"
    15 },
    16 "mergeVariables": {
    17 "fname": "{{First name}}",
    18 "personal_code": "XX234CC8"
    19 },
    20 "templateId": "tmpl_l1eNDjK3unSKnJ4zK7fkp",
    21 "finish": "GLOSSY",
    22 "billingId": "winback campaign"