CSV automation

With CSV files, you have an alternative way to submit orders. Each row in the CSV is considered as a new order.

Upload CSV

Within the portal, it is possible to upload a CSV file by going to the orders page. On this page, you click on the 'Upload CSV' button.

CSV mapping

During the upload process, it's important to know which columns go where. Therefore, we ask you to 'map' your CSV columns to the correct input. Below is an example of what this looks like.

In the above example, 'First name' is a column from the CSV. This column can be selected by clicking on one of the fields. After doing so, a list of all available columns will show up - with their respective preview data.

Mapping fields can contain a combination of static text and CSV columns.

CSV upload automation via the API

Next to CSV uploads being possible through the Print.one portal, it's also possible to upload a CSV through our API. For this, please reference the API documentation for this endpoint.

When using the API to upload the CSV, we recommend making a first order using the flow in the portal, so that it's easier to get the correct mapping and order data. After making the order using the portal, you will be redirected to the order status page. From this page, the 'orderData' and 'mapping' fields can be copied and pasted into your own API-call logic.