Here you can find information on integrating with Customer Data Platforms.

📄️ ActiveCampaign

IntegrationWe are working on an integration (app) for ActiveCampaign. Please contact us if you are interested.

📄️ Deployteq / CanopyDeploy

Integrating with CanopyDeploy will function with the following settings.

📄️ HubSpot

NEW: we have a free HubSpot app that you can useYou can easily install the HubSpot app directly from our portal:

📄️ Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a unified data platform that integrates with many shop fronts.

📄️ Laravel

A package is available for Laravel, and can be found here.

📄️ Monday

Connecting with Monday can be done through our type: entry-hyperlink id: 57fyEPsfpE2Hfa2yNbq7Ql.

📄️ Power Automate

Below a breakdown of all the required fields when setting up your Power Automate integration.

📄️ Shopify

Shopify marketplace appWe have developed a Shopify app that empowers you to leverage Marketing Automations for sending personalised postcards directly from your Shopify store. With, you can send postcards to all countries in the world.

📄️ AFAS birthday cards

Do you want to send birthday cards (and other greeting cards) to your employees via AFAS?

📄️ Spotler Activate (Squeezely)

You can send real postcards from Spotler Activate (Squeezely) using's API. For this you need an account with and a template design for your card.

📄️ Zapier app

We have developed a Zapier app, which makes it possible for you to use Direct Mail automations from any connected app on Zapier. The Zapier app is available in the Zapier app store

📄️ Salesforce

Together with the Salesforce experts at Harvest Digital, we have developed a user-friendly integration for Salesforce. The direct mail API can be called from the Flow builder, so that you can send personalized cards to your customers.

📄️ Microsoft Dynamics 365

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can send personalized mail via the API. We can recommend Zapier for this:

📄️ Odoo CRM using Zapier

Sending postcards from Odoo CRM can be done with the Zapier integration we have developed. Every time a new lead is created in Odoo CRM, a personalized postcard can be sent via the API.

📄️ Copernica

IntegrationWe are working on an integration (app) for Copernica. Please contact us if you are interested.