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All products are printed with water-based ink on paper with FSC certification and delivered CO2 neutrally.

Our Design guides are helpful when designing; you can find them here.


A postcard (no envelope) printed on very sturdy paper.

3 sizes:

  • A6 (105 x 148 mm)

  • A5 (148 x 210 mm)

  • and the square SQ15 (146 x 146 mm)

Finishes: GLOSSY or MATTE

Greeting cards

The greeting card is a square card that is folded. The greeting card is shipped in a square envelope with a round address window. The address is printed in the center of the back page.

Size: SQ14 (146 x 146 mm)

Finishes: GLOSSY or MATTE

Dimensions in pixels

The dimensions in pixels of each size postcard and greeting cards are listed below. These dimensions include a bleed of 35 pixels all around. The dimensions are also landscaped dimensions (width x height).


  • A6 Postcard - 1819 x 1311 pixels

  • A5 Postcard - 2551 x 1819 pixels

  • SQ15 Square Postcard - 1819 x 1819 pixels

Greeting cards

  • SQ14 Greeting Card - 3378 x 1724 pixels

  • The back of the greeting card has a circular area that is reserved for the address. The circle has a diameter of 77 mm (= 909px)

Bleed (Cutting margin)

In our print shop, a 3-mm border is cut away all around. Background images should always run over the cutting edge. The cutting edge is always 35 px / 3 mm, for all formats.

The cutting line is shown in the editor as a dotted grey line. In order to space your text from the edge, we recommend keeping any textual elements within the dotted green line.

More information on bleed can be found here.