QR Codes

    The usage of QR codes has a lot of benefits. Therefore we have created some useful functions. QR codes are highly suitable for:

    • Leading recipients to a webpage;

    • Leading recipients to a personalized landing page;

    • Measuring campaign effectiveness/conversion by adding the utm tag in the URL;

    • Increasing campaign effectiveness (e.g. by measuring in which postal code areas the conversion rate is highest);

    • Adding a video to your postal card;

    • Automatically filling our discount codes for your customers.

    Using the editor

    The QR code can be added using our editor and can either be used statically or dynamically.

    Dynamic QR code

    You can add a dynamic QR code by adding a QR code to your design. Then, click on variable link and enter a name for your merge variable. This variable can also be re-used in your text or dynamic images.

    Static QR code

    To add a regular static QR code, use the absolute URL option in the editor.

    Styling a QR code

    You can style your QR code using the editing panel on the right hand side of the editor. Click on your QR code. The panel will go to the correct page automatically. Here you can change the color of the QR code and add a drop shadow. This with both static and dynamic QR codes.

    Custom HTML (not using the editor)

    If you do not wish to use the editor, but wish to use the API to create templates, you can use our QR functionality by implementing them as a merge variable in the following way:

    • QR static: {{{qr "https://print.one"}}};

    • QR dynamic: {{{qr url}}};

    • With a dynamic QR the URL can be reused later with {{url}} (view the example below).

    Important details:

    • Always use three brackets with QR codes, else they will not work;

    • Always use https://.

    Example of a dynamic QR code with reuse of {{url}}:
    1<p>Scan the QR code and you get 10% DISCOUNT</p>
    4{{{qr url}}}
    7<p>Or go to {{url}}</p> <!-- see how the URL is reused here -->

    Example of a static QR code:
    1<p>Scan the QR code and you get 10% DISCOUNT</p>
    4{{{qr "https://print.one"}}}
    7<p>Or go to www.print.one</p>

    The dimensions and positioning of the QR can be configured using CSS styling.

    The QR code can be styled with the .qr class:
    2 .qr {
    3 width: 300px;
    4 height: 300px;
    5 margin-left: 129px;
    6 margin-bottom: 25px;
    7 }