Postman settings

    Postman is an application which is used by many developers to test API's. In a lot of cases you do not need Postman. In most marketing platforms certain features are present to test API requests / webhooks.

    If you do want to use Postman, apply the settings below.

    Go to Environments > Globals
    • VARIABLE = x-api-key

    • TYPE = secret

    • INITIAL VALUE = your API key

    • CURRENT VALUE = your API key

    For INITIAL VALUE and CURRENT VALUE you fill in your API key (found in your account)

    Fill out your TEST API Key if you just want to test.

    Fill out the LIVE API Key in both fields to send one or more example-cards for real. Everything you send with a LIVE API Key, will be printed and shipped (and also billed)

    Go to Collections > Order Service > POST Create > Body

    Fill out the JSON. Here you can find a JSON example with an explanation.