Here you will find all the information about the graphic aspects of your design.

📄️ Products

We offer the following products:

📄️ Design guides

Below are guides you can use as a basis to design 'over'.

📄️ Editing designs

The design templates you can create with the editor are built with HTML. The big advantage of this is that there are many customisation and personalisation options.

📄️ Personalize

In order to create a personalized experience for your customer or recipient, we have created a system to personalize each sent postcards, without editing your design for each order.

📄️ QR Codes

The usage of QR codes has a lot of benefits. Therefore we have created some useful functions. QR codes are highly suitable for:

📄️ Using images

In your designs you can use the following images:

📄️ Using fonts

You can use any font you like, provided it is suitable for HTML. Please test it well with the preview function in the top right corner of the editor.

📄️ Scaling text

Scaling text is a function with which you can scale text to fit a certain width or height. This is particularly useful when you want to be certain the text fits a certain area (e.g. a name). The function scales the text so it fits the area, whilst maintaining the aspect-ratio. This means the text will not be distorted.

📄️ Emojis

While emojis aren't natively supported by default, fear not! You can still add some emoji flair to your content. Continue reading to discover how it's done.


📄️ Colours

There is a big difference between the colors on your screen and the printed colors on paper. RGB (what you see on your screen) has more than 16 million colors and CMYK (print) has only 16,000. The possibilities on paper are therefore considerably more limited than on your screen. Specifically, bright and vibrant colors that look beautiful on your screen can have a duller appearance when converted to CMYK and printed on paper.